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Are you looking for a pest control service offering high quality yet affordable extermination services? Well, you need look no further than us! Advanced Pest Control Fairhope AL is your go-to Fairhope pest extermination experts with the latest equipment and proven chemical formulas for effective pest eradication, removal and control.

Pest Control Fairhope AL

Common Pests in the Fairhope Area

Thanks to the relatively warm and wet climate of Fairhope and surrounding areas in summer, many kinds of pests are able to thrive. Even the winters are not really cold enough to rid of all pests in Fairhope. We often deal with roaches, bugs, fleas, yellow jackets, termites, ants, mosquitoes, flies, spiders, rats, and bees. The worst of these are the kind that invades homes and flourish, enjoying the warmth and shelter of your house or shed, even in the coldest winter.

How to Prevent Common Fairhope Pests

Having determined the specific troublemakers, it is now time to take action. Eliminating the conditions that these pests favor is the first key step to solving the problem. Stagnant water, for instance, attracts flies and mosquitos while uncovered fruits, vegetables, and other foods draw mealy flies.

Keeping rooms spotlessly clean discourages the growth of molds and other microorganisms from thriving, which are incidentally feed for larger insects like cockroaches. Breadcrumbs and other food remains in the kitchen provide rats with all the nourishment they need for the day. It is, therefore, necessary to maintain high cleanliness to avoid infestation. This is one of the easiest methods of pest prevention.

Deny access to and hideouts within your living space by sealing off cracks in walls, floors, windows, and doors. This and removing clutter like stacks of old newspapers deny the vermin hiding places and remove the eggs they may have laid. Vacuuming these areas might help but remember to seal off the cleaner’s bag in a plastic bag to prevent them from escaping.

Why We Recommend Professional Pest Control

The steps above are only preventative measures. You may need to use a professional exterminator service like Advanced Pest Control Fairhope AL to get rid of pests completely. When you discover just a few creatures in your home or commercial space, chances are there are more of them where those came from.

Our pest control experts know where to look. They know what ratio of chemicals and other tools to use to effectively flush out the culprits. When you hire us to take care of your pest problem, you can count on us to be as discreet as possible. More importantly, we take measures to prevent re-occurrence of the problem in the future.

Contact us today and let us earn your trust by helping reclaim your home or commercial building from pest infestation.

Advanced Pest Control Fairhope AL

Fairhope, Alabama experiences many kinds of pests because of its climate. Winters are usually not cold enough to help weed out pests. Advanced Pest Control Fairhope AL services include extermination and control for cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, rats, spiders, bees, yellow jackets, termites, and ants.

We have a one-time pest control treatment for $85.00, a monthly pest control treatment for $30 a month and a quarterly pest control treatment for $75 a quarter. Advanced Pest Control of Alabama is a pest control and termite control company that services many locations in Alabama.


Information About Fairhope, Alabama


Fairhope Avenue in Fairhope, AL.

Fairhope, Alabama is a quaint little town with all the amenities of a seaside community, most of which can be found on Fairhope Avenue in downtown Fairhope. Visitors can drop into antique shops, toy stores, and other novelty shops along the strip. There are several dining establishments both on and off the avenue. Just a block away is Fairhope’s own French Quarter where shops surround a courtyard seating area. The French Quarter is a unique shopping experience where you can enjoy coffee, beignets, and Panini’s, buy chocolate delicacies and handcrafted soaps, or just sit and take in the fresh air.

Fairhope Avenue is active with shoppers and visitors every day of the week, but for a special treat, attend the First Friday Art Walk where artist display their work for the community to see and purchase. The event, held on the first Friday of each month except December, has vendors, food service, and live music.


Windmill Market

Not quite an open-air farmer’s market, the Windmill Market in Fairhope, Alabama has a similar feel. The building is home to three restaurants, a small fruit stand with locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables, and several artisan shops. They offer live music on Friday and Saturday nights and sell photography, local honey, and unique handcrafted items. The Windmill promotes a “Green” environment with solar windows, gray water garden, and strong reduce, reuse and recycle principals. Whether you want to enjoy a business lunch, get some vegetables for your evening meal, or buy a tub of peanut butter ground in their mills as you wait, the Windmill Market is the place to go.


Eastern Shore Art Center

In the lower Alabama area, Fairhope is considered the place to be for an artist. One reason may be the contribution that the Eastern Shore Art Center has given to the community. The Eastern Shore Art Center, founded in 1954, has five exhibit galleries, four teaching studios, and hosts an annual art festival. The art center provides outreach programs to children, adults with disabilities, and the elderly. They also offer classes to anyone interested in the arts. They have both monthly exhibits and art walks. Exhibits feature artists like Michael Vaughn Sims, Art Bayer, and Larisa Brechun.

Members of the Eastern Shore Art Center can have their art shown and sold in the center’s sales gallery where their work will be displayed for a two-month period, or they can participate in the Art and About program where their work is offered on loan to one of fifteen local businesses to display in their establishments. Membership on various levels can also include discounts on classes and in the gift shop, a listing on their website, and participation the annual member’s open show.


Weeks Bay Plantation

If you ever wanted to spend a day harvesting fruit for your own homemade jams, Weeks Bay Plantation is the place to do it. Weeks Bay’s largest harvest is organically grown blueberries, but they also grow strawberries, heirloom tomatoes, herbs, and other fruits and vegetables. To see the farm’s seasonally available harvest, you can visit their website. Their goal is to promote a fun family experience and share farm culture. In addition to picking blueberries, visitors can attend live musical events, participate in a blueberry bake-off, or purchase gourmet foods from one of their vendors. The farm is also available for weddings, family reunions, and other gatherings.

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