Your Guide To A Sting-Free Summer

Nothing ruins a perfect summer day more than hearing a faint buzzing, followed closely by a sharp sting of pain. Bee stings, ant bites, wasp, and hornet stings, or even just mosquito bites can range from mildly painful and annoying to downright deadly. According to the CDC roughly 62 people every year die from an allergic reaction to insect stings. In addition to using insect repellent, here are a few interesting steps from our guide to a sting-free summer that you can take to stop the sting this summer.


Go Scent-Free To Stay Sting-Free

Many insects are primarily attracted to scents. Therefore, loading up on perfume, scented hairspray, scented lotion, or even using heavily scented candles outdoors can lead to a season full of stings. Even scented sunscreen has been shown to attract certain types of stinging insects. However, in the hot summer months don’t skip on essential products like deodorant to stay sting-free. Instead, opt for a scent-free version of your typical deodorant, body lotion, and shampoo and conditioner. These scent-free options will vastly reduce your chances of stinging insects ruining your summer.


Cut The Potential For Stings Off At The Source

To stay sting-free insects this summer you’ll want to reduce the chances of stinging insects even being around you. During the summer months do regular checks under decks, roof overhangs, in garages and sheds, and in dead wood and brush for hornet and wasp nests. Additionally, displaced stinging insects from a neighbor’s yard will often find their way over to another spot close by and begin making a new nest, so be sure to watch out for those if your neighbor is having pest control work done. If you encounter a nest of stinging insects like wasps or ants, be sure to contact a pest control company so that they can come and take care of the problem and you’ll remain sting-free this summer.


Cover Up To Remain Sting-Free This Summer

In the hot summer months, most people typically don’t want to wear long sleeves and pants just to avoid being stung. While reducing the amount of exposed skin is helpful, covering up your arms and legs is not the kind of covering up that will help you to remain sting-free this summer. What needs to be covered up is any food or drinks that are sitting out in the heat. Many summer barbecue foods, especially fruit and meat, tend to attract insects that may ruin your gathering with potential stings. This summer, invest in bowls or Tupperware with tightly fitting lids to keep your delicious barbecue food covered up and away from insects. An even better solution is to store all food inside away from insects so that they will not be attracted to the scent.


Going For A Dip Can Help You Avoid Getting Stung

In addition to being attracted to scents, many stinging insects are also attracted to perspiration in humans. Specifically, these stinging insects are attracted to the carbon dioxide and salt that humans emit when sweating. A great way to reduce the risk of being stung during the summer is to regularly rinse off in an outdoor shower, with a hose, or by taking a dip in a lake or pool. If you’re on a hike or working outside and there is not a water source available, wiping down with an unscented moist towelette can help rinse off some of this wet and carbon dioxide that insects may be attracted to.


In addition to these tips, the best way to avoid being stung this summer is to make sure that there are no stinging insects hiding in your home or yard. If you suspect there may be an infestation of stinging insects in your yard this summer you need to call Advanced Pest Control of Alabama. With affordable monthly, quarterly, and one- time rates, as well as over 25 years in the pest control business, Advanced Pest Control of Alabama should be the only call you make to save your summer from stinging ants, wasps, and hornets. Remember, the steps in our guide to a sting-free summer should help, but if you want even more help, we’re just a call away!