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Best Pest Control Companies in Alabama

Best Pest Control Companies in Alabama

Getting a good deal is essential for pest control investments since you surely don’t want to be wasting money on programs and finding out the pests have returned months after. Pest issues are very common in Alabama but luckily there are many companies to choose from when deciding whom to reach out to. Here are some of the best pest control companies in Alabama, what they offer and tips for selecting a pest control service.

Best Pest Control Companies

Terminix is known as America’s best pest control service provider with 89 years of experience and the best 24-hour customer support out there. Easy to reach out to and, being a well known brand, they guarantee satisfaction with their services. What customers appreciate the most are special offers on treatment plans where you can save up to $50 on specific arrangements. If the pests return, the specialists will be back for free to deal with the issue again. With all these great features, Terminix professionals have gained people’s trust and devotion.

Not far behind are Orkin and Green Pest, two great companies which offer professional pest control services. Orkin, with their 30-day money back guarantee, uses the latest technology to get rid of unwanted species in your home at an affordable price with offers where you can save up to $50 as well. Best of all, they will give you a free estimate on your price depending on how big the issue is. Green Pest, in the other hand, offers a free annual termite inspection. This is a great opportunity to save some money and get insight on the pest situation at your home. They guarantee their treatments are 100% effective and offer $50 off residential service prices if you sign up for any pest control plan.

How to Choose a Pest Control Company

Since many companies offer similar plans and promise great results, choosing the best one for you can be tricky. Most people look for a pest control company located closest to them. However, expanding those boarders a bit and looking into more than one option is definitely a better idea. We suggest taking into consideration every company available at your location and getting an estimate from them. Most of these companies give free estimates so you wouldn’t need to be spending money on them. Compare the estimates and decide which pricing suits your budget the best. However, don’t settle with that.

More important than the estimates are customers’ pest control reviews. Other people’s experiences can be crucial in deciding whether or not to choose a specific service. Consul with people who have previously paid for these services. To get the best reviews of pest control companies you can visit Home Adviser. Once you’ve done your research and got your estimate, put it all together and choose the best option. As any professional would advise you, it is best to sign up for an annual plan. This ensures the pests from returning to your home and to prevent any additional damage.

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