Why You Need to Take Rats Seriously

Are you dealing with a rodent infestation problem? Rats are certainly not friends and most of us find them unbecoming. They too seem to notice our hatred and scamper for safety as soon as you walk in, which is why a sighting is rare. But it’s never hard to tell when these rodents are nearby given the mess that they leave behind.

For the most part, they eat what we do. You’re likely to catch them in the act in your kitchen or witness the trail of destruction they normally leave behind. But the dangers of having rats around your home are way more serious than just stealing your dinner leftovers.

They are not to be underestimated in terms of survival tactics of evasion. These critters excel at hiding and sometimes possess a level of intelligence that other home-invasive vermin cannot match. They have a variety of food choices, including fruit, seeds, bird eggs and other small animals, which are abundant in and around your home.

If you didn’t know already…

  • Rats are commonly disease-ridden, transmitting to both humans and pets in the home.
  • They prefer cutting a hole through your comfiest couch for their nests.
  • Rats will chew on electrical wiring and insulation, sometimes sitting on the live wires causing a short circuit and fire hazard.
  • Rats urinate on food once they have eaten their fill.
  • Good hygiene and rats don’t mix.

The rat is one of the most resilient creatures that you will ever have to deal with. With their littering capabilities, they will just keep multiplying exponentially if you just let them be. Meanwhile, the danger they pose becomes all too real and also increases with the population, and so does the messy ordeals and destruction of clothing, food and furniture.

A rat infestation might be a scary idea but simply wishing them away won’t do the trick and neither does passive non-interference. The saying goes there are many ways to kill a rat. Setting the house on fire might do the trick but the collateral damage will cost your home, so don’t. Chasing one with a stick and beating it to death might not be as effective as desirable and besides, it’s a bloody mess afterwards.

Deal with rats the right way.

In a nutshell, your best shot at beating a rat infestation problem is not putting a round through them with your revolver or shotgun but in fact calling in an Alabama rat removal service to finish the job.

As earlier noted, unlike other common household pests, rats are not that stupid and as such they require skilled traps and the most odorless poisons and appealing baits to catch and kill. And who better provide the knowhow on killing rats without the foul smell of their decaying corpses than a professional pest control service in Fairhhope, Alabama! Call it in now and get the help you need when you need it the most.