Crazy Ants – Why We Call Them Crazy Ants

Crazy Ants are just that – crazy. Crazier than your ex-girlfriend, no doubt.

When you live in the southern United States of America, or as the locals fondly call it with over-emphasized twang, “the South,” you get used to bugs. Bugs are all around you all of the time, but they are much more apparent in the South.

Whether it’s the loud cries of the cicadas or the humming of the mosquitos, you’re sure to notice how undeniably surrounded you are. There’s the absolute horror you experience when you hear the sickening crunch and gooey explosion when you step barefoot on a Palmetto bug (cockroach). And there’s the sheer terror you feel when a banana spider has encompassed the doorway to your home.

When you live in the South, these sensations become second nature. There’s one creature that no one can get used to, no matter how much exposure they’ve had. They’re what everyone calls “crazy ants.”

What are Crazy Ants? Why Are They Crazy?

Crazy Ants are the actual name of the horrifying reddish-brown critters that swarm. Coming in by the millions, they assult homes, offices, and even chemical plants. They appear to have no sense of innate desire or need, steadfastly ignoring your leftover sugar cookies on the counter and using the dead bodies of their friends and family as a barrier between them and the poison you left for them. They are a plague of Biblical proportions, equivalent to the locusts and frogs that overwhelmed Egypt at God’s command.

Relentlessly Drawn to Electronics

Crazy Ants are considered completely bonkers. No one from the most well-trained scientist to the most observant hunter can figure out the cause for their erratic and detrimental behavior.

Many ants are drawn to electronics, like stereos and televisions and computers. But Crazy Ants become so obsessed with these devices that they streamline inside of them until they form a disgusting, writhing indistinguishable mass of entangled ants, effectively destroying your favorite laptop, your coffee maker, your car.

They don’t have a particularly painful bite, but they are wreaking havoc with psychological warfare. They race up and down your body; your feet, hands, arms, and legs are never safe. They meld together, becoming a single horrifying mass immune to destruction of any sort.

They are the hydras of the insect world: when you kill one, another one immediately takes its place. Crazy Ants have caused everything from divorce to home foreclosure to a temporary shutdown of electrical plants. Crazy Ants are a force to be reckoned with.

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