Where Do Rats Live?

Where do rats live? Not in a hole in your baseboard, like Jerry. These rodents can live anywhere there is shelter, food, and water. Rats and mice will exist when these conditions are accessible and plentiful.

There is more than one variety of these common pests. Therefore, depending on their surroundings, these rodents will make themselves at home in various locations. These pests can carry disease and cause destruction to your home or business.

If you provide them with the right conditions, they will be more than happy to move in and make themselves at home. Luckily for you, we provide reliable and affordable pest control throughout the great state of Alabama. Our pros will give pesky rodents an eviction notice.

The Problem with Rats and Mice

Many of us love our pets and often make them part of our family. Rats and mice are not good pets and you don’t want them to share a family photo. Rodents spend their days in garbage piles and other unsanitary locations. They are not house trained and will leave a dangerous trail of urine and feces.

This allows for the spread of harmful gastrointestinal diseases like E-coli, salmonella and more. To make things worse, these rodents do not travel alone. They carry fleas that can transmit typhus and the plague. These are problems you should want to avoid.

Rats and Mice: Homing Habits

We have valuable experience providing pest control service for customers in Daphne and Spanish Fort as well. Our experts also serve homes and businesses in Foley and Fairhope. Rats and mice are not choosy. They are perfectly willing to set up residence in any town or city. Predominately, rodents like these are lured to areas where loose garbage and debris are prevalent. This could be in an old garage or building or under your decks and patios. They love dark and dingy places like in between walls and basements.

They will readily enter any hole in your foundation. Their goal is to find food. They will eat garbage, compost, pet food, and even dog manure. Rodents keep their menu wide open. It is important to have a professional inspect your location if you think you may have problems with rats and mice. Our specialists know what to look for and what to do when we find it. Rodents don’t pay rent. Let our trained technicians show them the door. Our quality service is effective and affordable. We ensure customer satisfaction. Call us today!