The Truth About Asthma and Cockroaches

Have you had an asthma flare up recently when in your home? Could it be cockroaches causing health problems given your medical condition? Here is the truth about how asthma and cockroaches correlate.

How do cockroaches cause asthmatic flare-ups?

The cockroach is known to carry certain allergens that cause reactions in humans, which can greatly worsen asthmatic condition. Now, the likelihood of it being a cockroach-related attack is higher if you just spent some considerable amount of time in a room other than your home. Whether or not you react to cockroach allergens varies from person to person.

Asthma itself is triggered by different environmental factors and also varies from patient to patient. The best way to manage asthma is to find out what triggers the flare up and avoid or eliminate the conditions to improve the patient’s health. Yes, the cockroach might just be the culprit here.

It’s not the roach, it’s what it excretes.

As the cockroach goes about its mischief in your absence or late at night when you could swear you hear them chewing loudly, they leave behind a mess of exoskeletons and excretions. Most people are actually allergic to these excretions and will experience minor symptoms due to the allergens like a stuffy nose, sore throat or maybe a sinus infection. Most of the time, this goes unnoticed especially since we become used to the foul smells and the cockroach thrives.

Asthmatic persons on the other hand experience more frequent and serious attacks when exposed to more of these allergens and will suffer the most. Treatments will be less and less effective until you decide to go to the root of the problem in order to fend off the next attack.

How to get rid of them?

Seeing as you are not an entomologist, this comes as just another good reason to hate the cockroach even more. They are neither easy on the eyes nor good roommates to have around. Owing to their incredibly poor hygiene, they also come ridden with all sorts of diseases causing germs.

Whether you are asthmatic, you have an allergic reaction to this vermin or don’t, now you know that the cockroaches hiding out in crevices and crannies, under the coffee table or down the drain need to pay the rent or move out! You just can’t afford to leave them to their own devices.

They multiply exponentially with even the littlest food to spare and cause nothing but poor hygiene and health as well as a constant source of embarrassment. Take action today by calling a professional cockroach control to get rid of disease-causing menaces for you. Restore your good health and happiness for those you love.