The Pests You Will See In The Fall

For many, the changing of seasons from summer to fall is welcome. The warm air becomes a little cooler, the leaves start to change color, the nights are more enjoyable…

And new pests arrive!

Knowing the pests that will show up in the fall season can help you prepare for them before they arrive. Equipped with this knowledge, you should be able to keep those pests at bay before they can and problems, damage, or spread some type of illness.

Ready to know which pests to watch out for this fall?


The Pests Are Coming

For the most part, you should expect rodents, bed bugs, roaches, and mosquitoes. While insects and rodents are quite common all year long, they have a tendency of showing up more during the fall season.

To keep them from taking up residence at your residence, you will need to keep your yard clean, your home clean, and make sure that they do not have any entry points into your home. Look for cracks and/or holes on the perimeter of your home and fill them if possible.

Make sure to keep refuse to a minimum and make sure that you do not leave woodpiles and/or standing water in your yard.

If pests have already become a problem, you will be able to distinguish what type they are by their droppings, markings, and even appearance (if you see them). Once you know what you are dealing with, you can work to remove them.


Removing The Pests

Removal can be quite difficult, especially if your pests have found some good hiding spots. If you have figured out what type of pests are in your home, you can search for tips on removing them.

For insects and rodents, remove any leftovers and/or rotting food. Make sure that your garbage cans are sealed and not sitting around. Vacuum the house and clean off all the hard surfaces. Try to remove any smelly garments that might be hanging out in your kid’s rooms.

A lot of people try using exclusion methods. By preventing them from entering your property, you can “force” them to move on if they want shelter and food. Withholding this supply from them will make them want to move on to an easier target.

Traps are another effective way to remove pests. You will need to look for traps designed for the specific type of pest as a roach trap will not work well for rats.


Hiring A Professional

And finally, you could call a professional and let them deal with it.

Some people do not enjoy trying to get rid of pests whether dead or alive. If you do not want to deal with these nasty pests, call a professional to do it for you.

Professional pest control specialists are trained in the proper trapping, exclusion, and eradication methods that will keep your home pest-free. They receive continual education about the newest equipment and/or identification methods to help rid your home quickly.

Pests do not have to be a problem for you, your family, or your home. When the fall season arrives, be prepared. Make sure to keep your yard and home clean, remove their entry points, and call a professional if you want to keep all the pests away.