The Crazy Way Cockroaches Are Invading Your House

No one likes the sight of a big, brown, ugly cockroach skittering across their floor when they turn on the lights in the morning. Even just one roach is enough to make you feel unsettled and, likely, if you see one roach there are plenty more where it came from. Though cockroaches don’t eat wood like termites, and don’t sting like wasps, they still reign supreme as one of the grossest pests to humans. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they carry bacteria like salmonella and feast on human food. You do everything to keep cockroaches out of your house. You seal up cracks, fix leaky faucets to remove their water source, seal up snacks so they can’t eat, and still you keep finding them in your house. It’s almost as if they have somehow evolved the ability to teleport into your house. Well thankfully they haven’t developed that ability yet but there is one sneaky way that they get into your house.

How Do Cockroaches Get Into Your House?

Cockroaches are masters of persistence. When you close one door they open a window. So if you think that your home is sealed off from cockroaches, you’re sorely mistaken. The cockroaches have thought of one crazy place where you never even thought to look.

 The clothes you’re wearing and the bag or backpack that you’re carrying.

 Now, you would definitely notice fully grown cockroaches clinging to the side of your purse, but what about tiny cockroach egg sacks that get picked up when your clothing and accessories brush against areas where they have been laid. Those cockroach eggs come with you, and in a few weeks, hatch into an infestation that will drive you crazy!

 Thinking of cockroach egg sacs stuck to your shoes and bag as you come in from a day out certainly explains how you can never quite beat these creatures, they are simply too smart.

What Do Cockroaches Do When They Get In Your House?

Once these cockroaches invade your home they don’t do much except live to terrify anyone who may catch them spreading their bacteria around your home. In some cases, they have been known as an allergen producer and can even affect individuals with serious asthma. The dust and debris that they shed are not helping the air quality of your home, in addition to the bacteria that they bring in and spread on any food source they can find.

How Can You Stop Cockroaches From Getting In Your House?

No one wants cockroaches in their house, but how do you stop them without changing into a hazmat suit every time you leave the house? Well stopping cockroaches is quite simple, but you have to bring in the big guns. Professional pest control is the only way to stop cockroaches in their tracks. Pest control experts know exactly what to use, and where to use it, to ensure that those cockroach eggs never hatch and form into the disgusting, sometimes flying creatures that we loath.

Tell The Cockroaches It’s Time To Leave Your House 

If you’ve seen even one cockroach in your house, then you have a problem; where there’s one, there are many. Rather than trust some over-the-counter bug spray to help, call a professional. We’ve provided quality pest control to Alabama residents and businesses for over 25 years. We can help stop your cockroach infestation quickly. We have great monthly, quarterly, and single-visit rates. Instead of suffering with your infestation any longer, call us at (251) 981-3000 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free consultation.

Don’t let cockroaches check into your home; your home isn’t a motel for them to visit when they want. We’ll give them their eviction notice.