The Best Form Of Pest Control

Billions are spent each year on pest control solutions with many solutions coming up short. Far too often, consumers try to use common, over-the-counter solutions that are temporary at best. Keeping pests away requires active prevention methods combined with treatment plans that are designed to reduce the pest population and eradicate their source of food or comfort. Pest control specialists can help you keep pests away through preventative maintenance plans, generally that costs less than over-the-counter treatments with a higher success rate.

Our region has warm weather, humidity, and high temperatures – we are the perfect home for pests!

Most pests make themselves known quickly. From odd smells to actual encounters, you see them or the evidence of them. However, some pests do a better job of hiding and you wouldn’t even know they were in your home. However, these pests are generally worse than their visible counterparts, damaging your home from the inside-out.

Most pests carry diseases with them such as Typhoid Fever, Malaria, Hantavirus, Lyme Disease, and even West Nile. If you suspect you have pests, the situation could be far worse than expected.

Most people believe that a clean home is a pest-free home – that simply is not true (it’s a myth). The only true way to keep pests from your home is through preventative pest control (i.e active pest control).

Again, most consumers choose to use over-the-counter chemicals from their local superstore. While over-the-counter toxic chemicals will temporarily solve your problem, they could affect your family or pets negatively, causing more harm than good.

Instead, it is best to call a pest control company that has the proper tools, chemicals, and training to safely remove pests from your home and keep them from coming back. At Advanced Pest Control, we train all of our employees to use safe eradication practices while ensuring that your home is pest-free.

We offer free consultations and our plans are affordable, especially when considering how much time and money you will spend trying to do this on your own. The best form of pest control is active pest control. We offer preventative pest control plans to handle all of this for you so you do not have to deal with pests of any kind.

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