Termites Work 24/7 to Destroy Your Home

Termites are some of the most industrious social insects on the planet, with thousands of strains of them around the globe. They are said to enjoy music and work faster to the rhythm and beat to destroy the wooden parts of a home or other structure. They are in no way related to ants, even though both are social and live in colonies and all have the ability to to cause damage in the tune of thousands in repair costs in just one season.

If you found this blog post, then most likely you just discovered that termites are making a meal of your home. You see, the thing with termites is they are hard to spot, except when occasionally when it rains and you see those light loving winged termites in the home.

So by the time you start to notice them, the damage is probably already taken root. Having no other source of a meal and seeing how ambitious these suckers are, it’s easy to understand why they are able to compromise any wooden structure in your home in virtually no time at all.

Why are termites making a meal of my home?

You can say termites eat to live. Eating is a survival and empire expansion tactic for them. And they sure do eat a whole lot. While it’s easy to feel as if termites are singling you out, termites actually eat almost all dead plant remains and animal waste. They wreak havoc in forests and gardens, targeting certain woody plants. They are some of the most important part of any ecosystems and should be driven from the home and discouraged from coming back with treatments rather than spray them to hell and extinction.

How do I spot termites in my home?

  • Dried mud tubes and little mud tunnels, a marvel of engineering – bad sign for your expensive wooden floor.
  • Flying winged termite in (or outside) the home.
  • Collapsing damaged wood.

Easy and Effective Termite Control

Lucky for you, termites are relatively easy to control. They’re not known to persist infestation or build resistance to even the mildest repellents, including used engine oil. Just keep termites from breaching your first line of defense at your home. If they do, please call a professional Alabama termite control service to help assess the damage and kick them out.

There’s no telling how much of your home these unwelcome guests have munched in the time it took you to read through this article. But bit by bit, they are converting your hard earned money into soil (even real money is on the table).

Don’t hold it against them; they are just programmed to convert dead wood to dirt. It just so happens that wood is an integral and aesthetic part of your home. A single treatment done properly by the right crew could have your back for over five years.

Some of the tell-tale signs of termites in the home are quite obvious, while more often than not it is hard to tell that they are even there. These little buggers are stealthy, lack an odor and will go about their business underground and only surface when the job is nearly done.