Stink Bugs, Roaches and Pumpkins: Signs of Fall

With the onset of fall, many pests are now returning to terrorize your home in the coming weeks, such as stink bugs.Whether you are a homeowner, a landlord, or property manager, you need to know how to take back your home from pests’ infestation.

The method of attack depends on the type of vermin that you are likely dealing with and the severity of your infestation. Even detecting he presence of some pests that have clever hiding spots in your home can be quite the tactical mission often requiring stealth and night vision or walking in the dark and occasionally shining your flashlight to see if you will catch some in the open.

Others are not even trying to hide or have not so clever hiding places and can be easily detected. Yet other times you just know that you need to take proactive measure to prevent infestation.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs are common garden pest and occasionally found in the home too. These have a particularly interesting defense mechanism of releasing a stinky odor to discourage predators. In large numbers, stink bugs can cause your entire backyard to smell really bad.

If your garden is infested, you need to first take steps to prevent entry into the home. Then deal with them in the garden sealing off crack and gap will keep them out of the home at night when they are drawn by the light

In the garden front, use natural repellents like cedar spray and mineral clay solution. Introducing natural predators and enemies of stink bugs will also discourage flourishing of stink bugs. These enemies include the praying mantis, lacewings, ladybugs, and minute pirate bugs as well as other parasitic flies spiders.


Roaches are such a nuisance. We all wish them death and extinction but it is rumored that they would be the most likely survivors of a nuclear blast. They are such die hard survivors they are able to live on virtually no food at all for months. Most cockroaches are drawn to water sources and shelter. Deny them hiding spots in form of cracks and clutter and eliminate moisture. Do this and you will be able to prevent full blown infestation situation.

Caulk is a useful sealant to close gaps that provide shelter for roaches inside your home. This will stop them from hiding in your home but not from trying to infiltrate under cover of darkness. The ultimate night ops trap would be bait gels that are just irresistible to roaches.

Using bait boxes is also a good idea. Don’t leave many of them just lying around everywhere for your children and pets to touch and play with. Another effective trick is using a poison that takes time to kill the roach. This allows it to travel back to hiding areas where it dies and is eaten by others that follow quickly in death.

As evident above, there are a plenty number of possible solutions that you can use for any particular pest that you are dealing with in your home or commercial building. It is advisable to try the mild stuff first and progress towards more toxic chemicals with time. Unless you are dealing with a mild infestation, it is wiser to hire a professional pest control service in Spanish Fort, AL.