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Latin Name Periplaneta americana
Length 4-7 cm
Color Reddish-brown
Sounds Chirping
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You may not have seen them skittering across your floor, crawling up your walls, or creeping through your kitchen cupboards. But that doesn’t mean they’re not there hiding in the cracks of your walls waiting for the lights to go out, so they can hunt your home for food. Even the cleanest of homes under the right conditions can have cockroaches. These resilient creatures hide where sprays don’t reach, develop resistance to poisons, and reproduce at an alarming rate, making them one of the most difficult pests to eradicate. This is why you need cockroach control from Advanced Pest Control of Alabama. We offer cockroach control services in many locations of Alabama and at reasonable prices.

For restaurants, apartments, and hotels, controlling this pest can be extremely difficult. They can enter by way of uncleanly residence, pass through walls, and are attracted by food. This pest has been known to shut down restaurant doors for good whether it is by city health inspectors or bad reputation.

Bombs, sprays and roach motels only alleviate the problem in the case of a minor infestation, but as these insects develop their resistances and continue to reproduce, you may find that a more aggressive approach is necessary.

There are over 4,600 known cockroach species worldwide. However, most commonly found in the Birmingham area is the German cockroach. This ½” tan or pale brown domestic pest searches kitchens and pantries hunting for food. Sensitive to the cold, the German cockroach seeks warm shelter making your home an attractive place to reside. They often go unseen because of their nocturnal instinct, but they can sometimes be found after turning on a light in a previously dark room.

Since they tend to hide, other methods of detection must be used including signs of:

  • Small pepper-like spots found on countertops and in cabinets and feces smears on walls near corners, cracks, and door frames.
  • Eggs casings where females have traveled.
  • A “musty” odor in the home.

A common misconception about cockroaches is that their presence indicates a dirty home. This misconception may have less to do with the cleanliness of the home than the pest’s roll in the spread of disease. Individuals with asthma and respiratory problems are prone developing allergic reactions to roach droppings, saliva, and eggs. Additionally, roaches carry and transfer bacteria including Ecoli, Typhus, and Salmonella to humans.

Unfortunately, battling a cockroach infestation is complicated by their resilience to and resistance to treatment. Because of their short reproductions cycle, ability to hide, adaptation, and further immunity to pesticides, common treatments don’t often work. If cockroaches have invaded your home, you need the help of a professional.

Advanced Pest Control’s Cockroach Treatment

Includes baiting and monitoring for cockroaches with no service contract required. We provide three interior, odor-free treatments that are guaranteed to rid your home of cockroaches by the end of the last treatment or the next treatment is free.

As the homeowner, your task is easy.

There is no need to disrupt your kitchen by clearing your cupboards of dishes and food supplies. All you have to do is perform normal household cleaning duties like keeping counters free of food debris and dirty dishes, maintaining clutter to a minimum, and management of wet towels and rags.

Advanced Pest Control of Alabama also offers monthly or quarterly continued service options and discounts on other services.

We can handle more than cockroaches of course. Check out our services page to learn about other pests

If cockroaches have invaded your home, you don’t need a hotel. You need an exterminator.

Advanced Pest Control of Alabama provides cockroach control services in Daphne, Fairhope, Foley, Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, and Spanish Fort.