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 Advanced Pest Control Huntsville AL

Got cockroaches? How about rodents? Whatever the critter, Advanced Pest Control Huntsville AL will do the dirty work.

We offer monthly pest control for $30.00 and one-time treatments for $85.00.

Pest Control Huntsville AL

Advanced Pest Control Huntsville AL: Our Services

Are you in the market for the leading pest control company in the Huntsville area and surrounding areas? Well, you have found us! We are the best of Huntsville as voted by residents and customers.

We offer you comprehensive pest control treatment packages for both one time and regular fumigation. We are able to control the raging cockroach menace at really affordable costs so that you can have all the peace you need in your kitchen to prepare some really delicious meals for your loved ones.

Rodent Control: Get Rid of Mice and Rats

Rats are perhaps the most annoying creatures to have entering your home. They target food and damage clothing and draperies.

They will chew on almost anything and they rarely eat on the same item more than once as they move on to the next. The danger though is that rats spread awful diseases and leave a loathsome, disgusting, unhygienic mess behind.

Flea Treatments

If you have a dog  or other pet, then for you, fleas are probably a major concern. Fleas just love the comfy fur of your pet and may soon spread to kids and adults in your home. Your pet will lie down in the yard or someplace else where fleas hang out and thus usher in many uninvited guests into your home.

Pets will naturally make it even more difficult to control fleas because they will pick up even more if your treat just their bodies. If you discover fleas, it is better for everyone if you call in a professional fumigator with vast experience in dealing locating the hiding spots of fleas in the home.

Mosquito Control

The mosquito is one of the most elusive pest in the Huntsville home. It shouldn’t be surprising since their entire survival hinges on rapid reproduction and ability to dodge host defenses. We have a unique formula for getting rid of mosquitos in the home which involves eliminating the favorable conditions for their breeding ground. Allow yourself better sleep at night with less of the annoying buzzing of the little winged creature lurking about in and around your home.

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We’re a Termidor Certified Professional in Huntsville, Alabama

Advanced Pest Control Florence AL is a Termidor Certified Professional. We all know what malicious damaging creatures ants and termites can be to wooden structures. It starts with a small mound that seems not to be much of problem at first.

But by the time you start seeing the damage, the entire wooden shed structure is most likely compromised. Don’t wait until it is too late, call it in now to have your wood treated with ant or termite repellent today and save your home or commercial investment a great deal of damage.

Since termites are the most dangerous pest specie out there, our Huntsville pest control pays good attention to treating them. Termites are the last thing you want to find after you have your house or office space inspected. This is because they cause the most damage out of all the pest species and they can destroy the structure of a building very quickly.

With Advanced Pest Control Huntsville AL services you get the full termite inspection, pre-construction treatments, termite control and prevention, as well as follow up visits.

Certified Termidor Professional in Huntsville, Alabama
Termite Inspection Huntsville AL

Commercial and Residential Pest Control in Huntsville AL

We here at Advanced Pest Control Huntsville AL believe we are the top pest control company of all the Huntsville pest control companies because we offer high-quality services for the Huntsville area at a very affordable price.

We are a family-owned business, trying our best to create customized services for each customer and meet all their needs and requests. The Advanced Pest Control trained staff are ready to complete any task from termite control to bedbug extermination without much hassle. We offer both residential and commercial pest control, as our service range is much wider than that of many other companies out there.

Range of Services

We provide a wide variety of services we offer. We provide rodent control along with several other pest control services including:

  • Termite Inspection
  • Cockroaches
  • Ant Extermination
  • Flea Treatments
  • Mosquito Control
  • Bedbug Treatments
  • Spider Eradication
  • Yellow Jacket Control
  • Bird Control
Pest Control Safe for Children and Pets

Pest Solutions Safe for Children and Pets

We’re a family company, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t look out for your family as well. You can trust that we’ll take excellent care of your home.

This is why we use pesticides and chemicals that are harsh on pests but easy and harmless on your family and your furry friends.

Besides the efficient pest control service, when working with our Huntsville pest control service you can also get customer education and perimeter protection plans. Our technicians take good care of your exterior in order to prevent the pest issue from re-occurring, as that is the most important matter to deal with. As many satisfied customers have stated, it is safe to trust Advanced Pest Control of Alabama because we will definitely deliver the quality we promise, all that at a very affordable price.

The follow up visits are a great addition to the whole experience of working with us. They are mandatory in order to prevent the pests from returning to your house or work place but some companies still don’t include them in the full price, but instead charge you an extra fee. With our pest control service, you don’t need to worry about overpaying or getting low quality work for your money. You can simply sit back and watch your pest issue disappear!