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 Advanced Pest Control Guntersville AL

Advanced Pest Control Guntersville AL is a market leader in exterminator services for Guntersville and surrounding towns. Whichever pest infestation problem you need taken care of, we are your best shot at eliminating the vermin completely. Our pest control services are the most competent and will have a lasting result with your home and office completely pest free.

Pest Control Guntersville AL

Advanced Pest Control Guntersville AL: Our Services

Below are a few Advanced Pest Control Guntersville AL services that we offer to the residents of Guntersville and why we are the best at what we do. Don’t see it? Call us and inquire. We are experts in virtually all aspects of pest control for your Guntersville area residence or commercial facility.

Cockroach Control

Cockroaches can be a nuisance in the home and are a leading cause of disease as the yare potential carriers of many diseases. Cockroaches are pretty embarrassing and tend to show up at just the instance when you have visitors and when most unwelcome. Cockroaches are die-hard survivalists and will live on almost any little of food leftovers in the kitchen area. They are also pretty good at hiding.

Mice and Rat Removal

Rats are not only a great cause of embarrassment but also cause serious malicious damage to property including what seems to be of no food value to them. They leave a mess everywhere with droppings, food remains and torn cloth pieces scattered all over the place. Rats are also carriers of a great many diseases. You most probably have a rat infestation if you start to notice gnawing evidence on cloths and food stuffs.

Spider Extermination

Spiders whether poisonous or harmless are some of the unwanted guests in the Guntersville home and in commercial establishments as well. Spiders are industrious creatures and their webs however mysterious and beautiful a creation are only good for the nature park. Indoors and around your commercial building, they are a sign of poor cleaning and lack of maintenance which defaces your establishment. Our technicians are the best in Guntersville specializing in spider removal with a vast knowledge of all the tricks and hiding spots of spiders in the home.

Yellow Jacket Control

We are a market leader in the whole of Alabama but with a strong presence in Guntersville. We are the fastest responders and will always be at the ready when you call us. We offer the most affordable commercial pest control.  Even though our quality is the best, you should feel free to look around just for your peace of mind. We have no doubts that you will choose us above the competition.

No matter what pests you want to eliminate, Advanced Pest Control Guntersville AL is the most competent pest control company for the job.

Call us any time of day, 24/7 to schedule a free estimate.

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We’re a Termidor Certified Professional in Guntersville, Alabama

Advanced Pest Control Florence AL is a Termidor Certified Professional. We offer termite inspection services at affordable costs and a level of accuracy you can trust. We are an honest pest control company.

Satisfied customers pay our bills, and therefore we are very honest with our customers and will never try to make some quick cash by deceptive means.

Termites can cause much damage to your home and commercial property long before you are able to detect their presence.

Our Termidor certified exterminators will be able to detect and flush out termites from your property saving you thousands more in repairs.


Certified Termidor Professional in Guntersville, Alabama

Range of Services

We provide a wide variety of services we offer. We provide rodent control along with several other pest control services including:

  • Termite Inspection
  • Cockroaches
  • Ant Extermination
  • Flea Treatments
  • Mosquito Control
  • Bedbug Treatments
  • Spider Eradication
  • Yellow Jacket Control
  • Bird Control
Pest Control Safe for Children and Pets

Pest Solutions Safe for Children and Pets

We’re a family company, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t look out for your family as well. You can trust that we’ll take excellent care of your home.

This is why we use pesticides and chemicals that are harsh on pests but easy and harmless on your family and your furry friends.