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Pest Control in Cullman, Alabama

For nearly two decades now, Advanced Pest Control Cullman AL has been fumigating and exterminating all kinds of pests and vermin for the residents of Cullman, Alabama. During this time, we have become the most trusted professional exterminators in not only Cullman, but the rest of Alabama.

We get rid of all kinds of pest, insects, and rodents. If you have a pest control problem, Advanced Pest Control Cullman AL can be your solution. For over 17 years, we have served pest control customers and helped home and business owners in the Cullman, Alabama area get rid of the insects that infest their homes. We have affordable packages that will stop your infestation problem.

Whether you need a one-time treatment or a general service package, Advanced Pest Control of Alabama is able to help. Our certified Termidor professionals can treat your residence, commercial, or industrial property for termites. Let us your worries about the damages this invasive pest can cause.

If you have a rental property in Cullman that needs protecting from bed bugs? We can protect your rental property and treat it for bed bugs if needed. We can eliminate your pest control problem with a bed bug treatment. Our chemicals are safe for children and pets.

Pest Control Cullman AL

Advanced Pest Control of Alabama was originally a Cullman, Alabama pest control company. Now we serve over 12 cities across the Heart of Dixie. Our pest control service offers everything you need to keep your home, office or yard pest-free. We provide a range of exterminator services from residential and commercial pest control to treatments for termites, mosquitos, rats and even construction pre-treatment.

Our Cullman, Alabama Pest Control Service

Our Cullman, Alabama pest control service aims to please our customers and leave them with peace of mind, certain that their pest problems are under control. According to customers’ reviews, we don’t fail to deliver our promise when it comes to high-quality services. Advanced Pest Control of Alabama is a family business, owned by Scott Wilson. Our service locations stretch across Alabama from Cullman up to Huntsville and down to the beaches of Orange Beach and Gulf Shores.

All services are tailored to fit your needs and situation, making the experience and the outcome very positive. The treatments are done by trained technicians. What makes our Cullman, Alabama pest control company stand out among hundreds of other companies is our three pest control service options. Choose from a one-time treatment or a monthly or quarterly package.

The Advanced Pest Control family strongly believes that the best way to protect the interior is to attack the exterior as the source of the hazardous species. Our service includes targeting the main sources of insects, removing any light switch of plug covers on the walls if the treatment inside the walls is necessary as well as treatment of any accessible spaces such as attics or crawlspace areas.

All treatments done by Advanced Pest Control of Alabama are high quality and guaranteed success in protecting your home and family from unwanted insects. People have put their trust in the hands of this company for years and have never been let down!

Pest Control in Cullman, Alabama
Residential Pest Control Cullman AL
Exterminator in Cullman, Alabama
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We’re a Termidor Certified Professional in Cullman, Alabama

Advanced Pest Control Cullman AL is a Termidor Certified Professional. We’re licensed and authorized to use Termidor treatments for termite infestations. Call us today for a termite inspection in Cullman, Alabama.

You can trust us as a pest control company with only highly-qualified professional exterminators with all the relevant licenses. We also adhere to environmental conservation regulations and all our methods are 100% safe for you and your loved ones as well as your pets.

Rats, ants, silverfish and mealy are some of the unwelcome guests you are likely to be dealing with in your Cullman property. Particularly if your house has not been inhabited for a long time now, the vermin have had time to thrive freely.

When the problem gets out of hand, it makes sense to hire a professional exterminator you can trust. Our work is thorough and we charge less than it would cost you even if you opted to do it yourself.

Certified Termidor Professional in Cullman, Alabama
Termite Inspection Cullman AL

We Use Safe Pest Control Chemicals

The chemicals we use to eliminate pests in Cullman households are harsh on pests but mild on you, your children, pets and indoor plants. We are not one of those crews that will turn your living room or backyard into another dead zone for all types of living things and a great hazard for your respiratory system.

In addition to residential clients, we help landlords in the Cullman area to effectively treat for bedbugs and make sure that they never come back, adding to their rental income and property value.

Pest Control Safe for Children and Pets

When you have pest problem in Cullman, we are the go-to pest control service with local pest knowledge and a world-class extermination formula for every known pest in the area. We help both Cullman homeowners and businesses to take back their homes after severe pest infestations, and for an honest and affordable rate, too.

In addition, we have both one-time and general service packages that suit your pocket regardless of your budget. We understand that at times, pest are not exactly the kind of thing you plan for most and so we try to ease your burden and your worries by offering to get rid of unwanted pests for the best prices in the region. For more information, check out our pest control prices.

Save your property from infestation and infestation and the damage or personal injury that may result from tolerating pests in your space today with Advanced Pest Control Cullman AL. We are a rapid-response 24/7 service and we work swiftly to save our customers both time and money.

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