Mice In Car: How to Prevent Mice From Hitching a Ride

Rodents can cause great trouble when they occupy your car. They set up the house and bring along with them infections and other issues. Here, we give you some effective pest control methods to get rid of mice from your car.

Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mice From Your Car

You might lock your car and turn on an alarm, yet mice can enter your vehicle owing to their small size. Make sure that you don’t leave your vehicle idle for a long time. Run the engine regularly to discourage mice from living there.

Mice can crawl into vents, set up house, breed and die, filling your car with stench. They chew away the wires and tubes under the hood, affecting the vehicle’s performance. Take these measures to prevent them from entering again:

Keep Your Car Clean And Dry

Remove all the junk like paper and tissues from your car. Any lingering moisture can attract rodents and make your car a potential dwelling. Leaves, pollen, and foliage rot to form a mice haven. Get rid of all clutter and keep your car clean at all costs.

Make sure the pollen filter and other equipment are up to the mark. Close the sunroof or windows completely, because even a slight opening is enough for them to crawl in. Block off the smaller openings like air intakes with wire mesh.

Use Rodent Deterrents

Many people consider getting pets to discourage the rodents from getting familiar with their vehicles. Terriers are mostly used to control the rodent intrusion. But dogs might cause damage to the vehicle components by scratching and clawing. Small cats can enter the motor like mice, so make sure where your pet is before you start your car. Animal fur can also clog the openings and provide a cushy breeding space for mice. Therefore, most people prefer other rodent repellents.

You can also get help from your local Alabama pest control company for mice in your car.

Electronic, ultrasonic and solar powered repellents can create buzzing noise and vibrational disruptions to deter rodents. Since rodents have a high sense of smell, you can use strong odors to deter them. Rub a strong soap bar, pepper or pungent oils on the inside spaces of your car. Scrubbing pads and laundry drying sheets also help to some extent.

What If The Car Is Already Infested?

Eliminate food sources like cat food or livestock feed that you might have left in the car. Always get the food products in sealed containers so that no crumbs fall in the car. Kids may throw food around while snacking, which can add to the trouble. Always have ample light and ventilation in the garage as mice like dark and damp places.


If your car is already infested, first vacuum their droppings and nests. Have some moth balls under the hood or use rat poison to kill the rodents. But remember that these can be harmful to other animals also.


You can use the classic rat traps with a lever and a bait to attract the mice. There are also new traps like sticky strips to which the mice get stuck.  But don’t handle a dead mouse yourself, as it could get dangerous.

Combine These Approaches

Depending on your climate, location and vehicle usage, use the combination of the above tips to get rid of your rodent problem. Get a professional to help you with this situation. Contact our reputed company to take care of your pest control needs.