Keeping Bedbugs At Bay

Research from the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) found that 97% of professionals treated for bedbugs in 2017. And, 84% of professionals found a bedbug infestation after searching the home for another type of pest.

Just thinking about bedbugs gives most of us the creeps. These little creatures who like to crawl around where you sleep; while your sleeping is a very unpleasant thought. The really creepy thing is that that thought could become a reality. Bedbugs are very good at getting into places, and we are none the wiser. So how do you keep these nasty critters at bay? Let’s look at some tips that can help these little stowaways from your home.

Common Sense Is Your Best Ally Against Bedbugs

Bedbugs won’t get into your home without you, a friend, or loved one bringing them into your home. Bedbugs are not native to North or South America, so they won’t come in from your yard. So that means you are in control when it comes to these pests.

Used Furniture

Buying used furniture is one of the most common ways pests can sneak into your home. So, if there is an antique piece of furniture, you can’t do without be sure to inspect it thoroughly. If there are any signs of bedbugs, then you need to quarantine it from your home in somewhere like an empty storage container or a shed not connected to the house. Next, use a pesticide designed for bedbugs and apply it to the furniture. Wait at least 72 hours after you have treated the furniture before bringing it into the house.

Have Suitcase, Will Travel

The second most common way that bedbugs will find their way into your home is by getting into your luggage and clothes. If you stay at a hotel that has a bedbug infestation, you can bet they will be going home with you. These pests are so good at squeezing into small spaces or under the material, you may not know they are tagging along. So, how do you avoid taking these pests home when visiting hotels? There is a wealth of information on the internet about which hotels have bedbugs, all it takes is some minimal research to find out which ones.

If you suspect you may have picked up the little devils, wash your clothes immediately upon returning home and take your luggage and put them in a large plastic bag and spray pesticide designed for bedbugs inside. Next, seal the bag and wait 48 hours before taking the luggage out and into your home.

Lovebugs Tagging Along With Visitors

You can do everything right to keep bedbugs out of your home, but if a family member visits on a holiday and has traveled to be with you, there is a chance bedbugs have traveled with them as well. This scene is a nightmare scenario because the only way you find out your loved one brought pests in is after the infestation has started; that’s where we come in.

If You Have Bedbugs In Your Home, Advanced Pest Control Of Alabama Can Get Rid Of Them For You

If you have found signs of a bedbug infestation, call or fill out our simple contact us form right away. We’re ready to discuss your bedbug pest control needs and provide a plan-of-action to rid your home of bedbugs the right way.

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