How to Keep Bed Bugs from Hitchhiking Home

Prevention is better than cure they say, but what if you already have the problem right on your head?

Bed bugs are very unfriendly, they infest your clothing, bags and every other thing you hold dear in your home, and that includes you, too. Ironically, the benefits bedbugs provide for your properties are unlimited.

Left unchecked, your best suit and entire wardrobe is going to go bad soon, thanks to these pesky critters. To prevent that, we have for you a guide on how to keep bed bugs from hitchhiking home.

Know What a Bed Bug Looks Like

Bed BugsIf you ever want to keep bed bugs away from your home, you should get to know what a bed bug really look like. Once you know your enemy and you are able to know what it looks like, then the fight gets easier.

Bed bugs are usually 5-9 mm in size, they look like woodland ticks, and they are wingless and brown. They grow bigger in size as they feed. The eggs are translucent.

Once you notice cast skins, blood spots and fecal spots, then you surely have those evil crawlers in your home.

Be Conscious of Bed Beds – Keep an Eye Out

Now that you know what a bed bug really is, you will now have to watch out for them. Wherever you go, always check your plastic bags and any other thing that can be laundered before heading home or getting into your home, this is the best way to stop yourself from inviting bed bugs to your home. Some hotels have bed bugs too, so don’t be so sure and make sure you do the checking of your travel bags before leaving the hotel.

Also sort out your laundry before loading them into the washing machine. Loading everything at once will keep you from spotting any hiding bed bugs in your clothes. Meanwhile, always keep the washer and dryer at the highest temperature to kill the bed bugs you miss during the separation (make sure the temperature is friendly to your fabrics, too). And if you give your clothes to the laundering service, remind them to do the same.

Get Bed Bugs Out of Their (Your) Home

Bed bugs live inside of the bed and also under a bed placed on the ground. Knowing the place where they are, you will want to get rid of them, the reason why they live inside of the bed and under the bed in contact with the floor is because they survive best in an environment with a relatively low temperature.

To keep them out, the first thing to do is to keep your bed free from moisture, keep the floor dry always and never sleep on a wet bed. Once this is done, take the bed out of the room and place it under the sun, this is a natural and efficient way to kill bed bugs as the high temperature of the sun is unbearable for bed bugs.

Applying these three tips, you should have a bed bug-free home. However, if you’re having trouble with removing bed bugs, call our Spanish Fort pest control – we’ll help you get rid of these little buggers for good.