Insect-Proofing a Home From The Outside In

Are you having some unwelcome guest in your home this fall? Mice, termites, bats, fleas, moths, all flies, lice, and roaches – you name them! These are some of the trouble makers we all sometimes have to deal with to take back our homes. Safeguard the lives of your loved ones and the yield in our gardens. While most people associate most pests with untidiness, it is important to understand the conditions that are ideal for each and every vermin to thrive and eliminate these to avoid infestation. Other pests are just seasonal and need to be controlled to make life bearable. Here’s how to go about insect-proofing your home.

Are termites making a meal of your wooden floorboards?

Unlike most other pests, termites don’t require clutter and dust to be ushered into your home. Their only condition is a beautiful chewable wooden deck or other part of your home they can munch on. There is also only one useful method to control termites. Keep them from tunneling in your wood by treating wood with termite repellents. This involves removing of affected wood and deeply treating replacements. Alternatively, you can remove every bit of it and putting in fresh, new treated planks. If your home has been infested, call our Foley pest control team today.

Choose the right pest control method to use in your home.

You have several options at your disposal for nearly every kind of pest you are likely to encounter in the home, ranging from mild poisons to highly toxic chemicals. There are a wide array of pest control solutions available at your nearest home improvement store. It is extremely important to note that prevention is always better than cure.

When choosing what pesticides to invest in this fall, you should bear in mind that they all have different toxicities at least. Some are highly volatile chemicals which makes them hazardous to use in your home with kids and pets walking around. A poisoned rat might decide to take a dip in your cat’s drinking water and so on.

When do I call for professional exterminator services?

With pest control, perhaps there is nothing more important than knowing when you can’t take anymore and you just have to call it in with the professionals. Hiring a pro will give you access to a whole new level of pest control methods that will ensure 100% extermination and zero chances of re-infestation in the near future. With repeat treatments, you can rid your rental properties of bedbugs a restore their class and value.

In short, you know that these unwanted guests in your premises whether at home or at work are not good for business. They are almost always up to mischief and cause harm to your health and untold damage to your property and crop yield. The best insect-proofing options involve eliminating targeted pest species by getting rid of all the conditions favoring their survival. Use chemicals that are harsh on them but harmless to you and the other occupants of the home including your children and pets too.