How Weather Affects Insect Problems

Ever wondered if the weather affects the occurrence of pest with the coming and going of seasons all year round? Well, it actually does.

With the change in temperature, the unwanted guests in your home vary because they too need favorable conditions to thrive. Some of these do not want to cohabit with you no more than you do but they have to do what they have to do to survive.

Perhaps if you knew how the weather affects the most common household pests in Alabama, then you would know what to anticipate in the coming weeks and be ready to deal with the vermin early enough preventing a full blown infestation.

Here’s how weather, mostly temperature humidity and precipitation variations, affect the occurrence of insects and other pest in the home.

Termites love dancing in the rain.

There are over 2,000 known species of termites around the world and they all have one thing in common; the ability to make a meal out of any untreated wooden structure in your home. Termites are malicious little creatures that tend to come out when it rains but that don’t mean that they are not tunneling under your home all year round. Treating wood will help prevent a termite infection for up to five years after a single treatment is done right.

Termites are relatively harder to detect than most other household pests. By the time you see them surface, the damage has probably already taken root. On the upside, they are much easier to control, as they are not known to develop any resistance to an effective Termidor certified insecticide. A winged termite in the home is a sign of a nest nearby.

Cockroaches, your favorite.

Rumored to be the most likely survivor of a nuclear blast, cockroaches are great hiders and survivalists. Most people over estimate the amount of food a cockroach needs to survive. All a they need is some mildew and moulds for each day, and most importantly, a fresh supply of water. This explains why they take shelter down the drain where you can’t reach them.

Cockroaches too feel weather effects, but they are minimally affected as they make it their business to be a nuisance in your home all year round. They are not only a nuisance but also disease ridden which warrants you to use the lethal chemical weapons of mass destruction to rid your home of the vermin.

Banishing Spiders

There are again thousands of spider species scattered all over the planet, most being harmless. Webs are a beautiful masterpiece of theirs that awes the engineering nerds. However, the presence of webs are also a sign of poor hygiene in the home. For the crime of defacing the building they should be banished too.

Yellow Jackets and Wasps

Wasps are dangerous for obvious reasons and although they are also good predators of other insect pests, you don’t want to share the inside or immediate exterior of your home with them for the sake of you and your loved ones including pets. These formidable adversaries hail in summer and die in autumn.
Whichever the pest you dread the most or you are having to deal with, you are better off with hiring the services of a reputable pest control in Daphne AL to deal with an infestation or be proactive to prevent future occurrences.