How To Remain Tick-Free This Summer

Summer in Alabama is beautiful! From the hills of Birmingham to the beautiful beaches of Gulf Shores, there are plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that Alabama has to offer. However, as beautiful as it may be, Alabama is also home to an incredibly dangerous pest, ticks. Ticks are parasites that live outdoors and have been known to carry many diseases, the most common being Lyme disease. Lyme Disease can be treated effectively with antibiotics, but it’s best to avoid infection altogether. Read on for some of the best tips on staying tick-free this summer.

Find The Right Buy Spray For You

The CDC recommends that when venturing outside into the tick’s natural habitat you use an insect repellent spray, approved by the EPA, that contains DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, PMD, or 2-undercanone. Their website even has a helpful tool to assist you in searching for safe and effective bug sprays. For children under three years old, do not use insect repellent sprays containing Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus or PMD. 

Wear Summer Colors

Light, breezy, beautiful summer colors aren’t only for crafting the perfect summer aesthetic, they are also great for helping you avoid ticks. Ticks typically tend to be a dark brown color and can easily be spotted on white, light grey, tan, and other light-colored clothing as opposed to darker-colored pants and shirts. You can also put your wardrobe to good use this summer by treating your outdoor clothes with products containing permethrin, which repels ticks. You can even buy specialized hiking boots, shirts, and pants that have already been treated with permethrin. 

Pay Close Attention To Animals

Remember when taking your dog on a walk, or letting your cat roll around on the deck, that ticks are just as likely to attach themselves to your four-legged friends. Ticks hide in your pet’s thick fur and stay there undetected for weeks. Comb your pet daily with a flea and tick comb. Also, talk to your veterinarian about the right treatment for your pets. Take note, cats are much more sensitive to chemicals. If chemical treatment is necessary, consult your vet first. 

Avoid Tick-Prone Areas When Possible

In order to be tick-free this summer, you may have to avoid a few problematic areas. Ticks tend to live in bushy, woodsy, or otherwise grassy areas. When enjoying nature this summer, be conscious of staying on paths and perform regular tick checks when you come home if you do venture into areas where ticks live. 

Stay Hot

Heat is your best friend when it comes to fighting ticks. Like many pests, ticks die when exposed to high heat. So, make sure to give your hiking clothes a hot wash and dry immediately upon returning home. Hot showers are also a great place to do tick checks. With the help of a mirror, look in all areas where a tick may have latched on. 

Lastly, if you are worried about pests like ticks ruining your summer, there is no one better to call than Advanced Control Alabama. With specialized pest prevention plans designed specifically for your area, Advanced Pest control should be the first call you make to keep you tick-free this summer. Call us or fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you shortly.