How to Get Rid of Fleas

Do you get frustrated trying to figure out how to get rid of fleas? Fleas are about as welcome as a bad rash. As a matter of fact, they can cause one for some people. These tiny parasites demonstrate vampire-like tendencies. They survive off of the blood of their host. It only gets worse. They lay larvae throughout your home. This is very common in carpeting. Here the larvae enjoy an appetizing meal of adult flea feces and are allured by the undigested blood found there. Fleas love to hitch a ride on domestic and wild animals.

Our Experts Can Help

We are an experienced pest control company that has been serving communities in Alabama for years. Some of the communities we serve include:

We use our skills and expertise to remove adult fleas and eggs from your home or business. If you want to rid your location of these pests, you must take a combined approach. You must get rid of those living off the host and the eggs they have laid. Homeowners can achieve this in a number of ways. Our trained technicians utilize a safe and effective treatment plan that resolves the problem successfully.

Locate and Eliminate

Adult fleas like to stay close to the host where they can feed at will. However, they are also prone to jumping all over the home. They are long distance jumping champions for their size. Larvae or eggs are released in carpeting, upholstery or bedding. Cracks in the floor make a good delivery room as well. Within a few days, you have more of these pests hopping around. They will find a host for their blood supply and that host could very well be you. Our seasoned pros locate and eliminate these bothersome parasites.

Flea bites are a constant harassment nobody wants to live with. Fleas can spread a variety of diseases – a problem that cannot be ignored. Do you want to know how to get rid of fleas in your home or business? Give our friendly staff a call and we will schedule an appointment to inspect your location. Our treatment is safe, effective, and affordable. Don’t let fleas get the best of you. Let our techs get rid of the problem fast.