Hurricane season is officially underway in Alabama and will last from these hot summer months until November. Hurricanes on their own are bad enough, with nasty effects like downed power lines, massive flooding, and thousands of dollars worth of damage to every home. To make matters worse, any kind of hurricane or tropical storm could be putting your home at risk for a pest infestation. In addition to all the other preparations you must make during hurricane season, it is important to make sure that you are prepared for the pests that come along after a storm as well. Read on to see just how vulnerable a hurricane leaves you to a pest infestation, and how you can put a stop to it. 


Mosquitos And Termites Love The Water

After a hurricane, there is a lot of standing water left in your home and the surrounding area. This standing water provides the perfect place for mosquitos to breed. It could also lead to the rest of your hurricane season being infested with mosquitos. Make sure to drain any standing water that has collected in garbage cans, birdbaths, and other outdoor structures. Additionally, all the extra water from hurricane-level rain and flooding can do serious damage to the wood of your home as well as outdoor decks and sheds. This water-damaged wood provides the perfect food for termites to come and chew on. Termites can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. If you suspect that termites may be munching on your wood, call us today. Well help you take care of the problem immediately. 


Stop Unwelcome Guests From Seeking Shelter

During a hurricane, the water from flooding or heavy rain causes pests like ants and rodents to search for higher ground. This higher ground is almost always the decks and homes of humans who are also weathering the storm. During heavy flooding, ants can even form rafts and float to dry land. To make sure that these unwelcome visitors don’t enter your home, make sure to repair any cracks and damage immediately, even with temporary fixes to keep your home secure. Make sure there are no gaps in window and door frames before the storm as well to minimize the amount of work you will have to do after. Doing this can help prevent an unwanted pest infestation.


Power Outages Cause Major Problems

Not only do power outages cause problems for humans who depend on reliable electric grids, but they also cause problems that can lead to pest infestations. Power outages are common after hurricanes. They can lead to spoiled and rotting food. Of course, this is the perfect breeding ground for flies. While flies may not be the worst infestation, they are incredibly annoying. It is a good idea to remove all spoiled food as soon as possible. However, you must make sure that the spoiled food is taken to a dumpster. Otherwise, leaving it in a garbage can can draw rodents and other pests to your home.

Post-hurricane pest control is quite a lot of work. So, make it easier with Advanced Pest Control of Alabama. As a locally owned and operated company, we know what it takes to secure your home against Alabama pests. Call or contact us today for your free estimate.