You’ve probably heard that without spiders, insects would overrun the world. It’s true! Spiders are our friends, albeit friends with eight legs and multiple eyes, which can be a bit creepy. Just like any friend, you don’t want them staying in your house for too long. The best way to deal with spiders is to keep them from getting into your house in the first place.  Here are some ways to keep spiders from becoming unwelcome house guests.

Spiders Hate Citrus

Most spiders, for some yet to be discovered reason hate citrus. The smell of citrus makes spiders turn around and crawl away. With that in mind using cleaners with orange or lemon in them will help keep spiders away. Use the cleaners on windowsills, around doorways, and any other points where spiders might invite themselves into your home.  Citrus based furniture polish also works well at keeping spiders away.

White Vinegar

Once again, it’s a smell that keeps the spiders away. It has an odor that spiders hate just as much as citrus. The thing is, with vinegar, you might keep everyone else away as well. It’s better to use white vinegar on the outside of a door or window frame rather than inside.


Spiders hate the smell of mint. Are you noticing a theme? Mint not only repels spiders but a number of other creepy crawlies as well. Mint has the added bonus of making your whole house smell like, well, mint!


Spiders love dust and frequently make webs in dusty areas. Cobwebs and dust go hand in hand for that very reason. By dusting regularly, you will not only keep spiders away but awful creatures known as dust mites as well.

Seal Around Windows And Doors

If you have any cracks or crevasses that lead outside of your house, it is the perfect place for spiders and insects to enter your home. If you caulk around the exterior of your window frames, not only do you seal spiders and other insects out, you seal cool air in during the summer and warm air in during the winter.

Let Us Help

If Spiders have gotten out of control in your house, an exterminator is the only real option to get rid of them. In this area, we have both black widows and brown recluses, so it is important not to let these poisonous spiders get a foothold in your home.  We can rid your home of spiders and other insects so that you won’t have to worry.

Advanced Pest Control Of Alabama Can Rid Your Home Of Spiders

Spiders are sneaky and hard to find. We have the expertise to find them and remove them from your home.

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