Are you worried about droppings, gnawed papers and wires or intermittent chewing sounds in the night? It is possible that your house has been infested by the common intruders – mice and rats. You might be surprised to discover that mice and rats can easily enter houses through openings and holes in walls, drain pipes, and openings for air conditioners. Good news is that you don’t need to panic or worry anymore. Here are a few simple techniques and strategies you can implement to control the mice and rat population in and around your home.

Set Traps and Cover Holes

In order to take control of the mice issue, it is of foremost importance that you identify the locations where the mice or the rats are living in your house. Once you have identified the possible locations, you can use different sets of traps and baits to catch and kill the mice. Furthermore, you can seal the small openings and holes in the building to prevent more intruders entering the building. Small holes and other openings can be sealed using a wire mesh most of the time. Take time to seal spaces beneath doors to restrict the room-to-room movement of the mice.

Keep The Garbage Bin Empty of Food

In contrasts to other pests like cockroaches, mice cannot survive longer periods of time without food. However, they need only small amounts of food to survive. Taking the garbage out frequently and scheduling waste disposals for set periods of time can significantly reduce the amount of food available for the mice.

In order to reduce the amount of food available to these intruders, you should clean your kitchen and other areas of your home on a daily basis, wipe shelves and cabinets, vacuum carpets, etc. All these cleaning measures will help remove residual crumbs of foods that, later on, mice could use for their survival. The garbage should be stored in metal containers until it is disposed off, since mice can tear non-metal containers with their sharp and pointed teeth.

Seek Out Professional Exterminators

Although getting rid of mice on your own may seem simple, it is highly recommended that you seek professional pest control services to overcome the mice issue in your facility. A team of professionals can identify the types of mice. Their feces can be used to identify the age and type of the mice, which leads to finding more efficient solutions to the problem. Based on the identified type of mice, professional service providers can use most suitable traps and baits.

Simple installation of baits doesn’t ensure that the mice will be trapped and killed. Traps of suitable types and sizes should be used. For example, large rats can escape glue traps. Mice are vigilant about the changes in surroundings. They can avoid traps if they are suspicious about them. The rodent control professionals at Advanced Pest Control of Alabama can place the right traps at the right time and at the right location.