Get Rid of Flies Before They Come Near Your Food

The most common pests that lurk around your home and outdoors are flies. You see them everywhere-, especially near your food and drinks. Blow flies and fruit flies are the kinds that can be seen in most homes. Musca domestica, popular as a home fly, buzzes around your property all year long. Stable flies are the species that can bite you, whereas some other kinds spread diseases like typhoid fever and diarrhea or cause food poisoning.

Why Should You Eliminate Flies

Flies lie in the most unsanitary places and rotten types of food. Hence, they carry and transmit several pathogens and parasites. Scientists warn us that the common home flies can spread twice the number of diseases as compared to cockroaches. Here are a few things why you should fear flies more:

  • If you let them near your food, they transmit to the food all the germs that they caught from a poop pile or a rotting carcass. This is similar to the butterflies that help the ecosystem by helping with pollination.
  • Flies don’t have teeth, which means they can’t chew. They spit on the food to make it softer to digest. Also, they leave their urine and feces on the food as they fly away.

What Happens To Your Food

Some people throw away huge amounts of food if they see flies staying on it even for a second. However, it takes more than that time for the food to be contaminated. Having said this, it is also not a good idea to leave the stored food accessible to flies. They could lay eggs and the food becomes a great place to thrive for maggots. Hence, you need to take preventive measures to protect yourself from such dangers.

Effective Pest Control Methods

Fly removal methods are dependent on the season and your location. However, outdoor flies are the most prominent in the summer season. Hence, you need to first spot their breeding ground and start from there. What you can do is:

  • Clean the areas where you general place your trash, dog kennels and other places where flies can get food.
  • Use aerosol fly sprays on these pests to kill them fast. Or, you can spray some residual insecticide onto these surfaces, so as to repel the flies.

Protect Home Interior With Screens

The next thing to do properly screen all the entrances to your home to prevent seasonal flies like cluster flies from coming inside. For the indoors, you cannot use insecticides that you use for outdoors. Moreover, indoor flies like home flies or blow flies tend to show resistance towards most insecticides. Methods like spot treatments can be used in dark corners where flies tend to make their dwellings.

How To Eliminate Fruit Flies

For fruit fly infestation, which multiply rather quickly, you can attack their origin spot. These could be mostly rotting fruits in your storage, clogged drains or the space under your fridge. Stick a clear plastic bag over the source and let it stay there overnight. You can catch the flies the next morning and spray the area with a strong aerosol insecticide to kill the remaining.

Advanced Pest Control Gets Rid of Flies From Your Home

Keeping your home spic and span is the best possible effort you can put in to reduce the chances of fly problems. But always remember that handling such chemicals can be dangerous if you use them incorrectly. If you’re unsure, get the help of Advanced Pest Control of Alabama to get rid of your fly infestations.