Do You Have Animals In Your Attic?

So, you think you hear noises in your attic as you lay in bed at night when everything is quiet. You hear faint scratching and shuffling noises, but only occasionally.

  • Is it burglars slowly stealing your belongings night after night?
  • Are the kids sneaking in a few extra snacks when they think you’ve gone to sleep?

Probably not…

Instead, there’s a good chance you have animals in your attic.

Your attic is a great place for animals to settle. They do not have to worry about other predators, they are surrounded by protection from the elements, and the temperature isn’t unbearable.

Let’s go over a few signs that you have animals in your attic.

You Can Hear Them

Those scratching, shuffling, and bumping noises aren’t from the boogeyman. Instead, there’s a good chance that you have animals in the attic.

Of course, animals don’t know that you can hear them as they do what they do (i.e. nesting). In doing this, they make obvious noises that we search for frantically.  Eventually, we realize that the noises are coming from above.

And that’s when you either get brave and try to find the unwanted guests or you make a phone call to someone who’ll look for you.

You Find Animal Droppings And Urine Stains

If you do decide to go up and look for yourself, you’ll probably find animal droppings and urine stains; this is a very good sign that you have animals in your attic.

To determine how bad your situation is, take note of how much waste you see. A little waste, not a big problem. A lot of waste, a BIG problem!

Your Attic Smells Like An Animal

If you’ve ever been to the zoo and smelled the monkey cage, then you already have an idea of what animals nesting your attic might smell like. The stronger the smell, the more unwanted guests you have hiding away.

In some cases, the animal might have died, making the smell even worse. If there is a dead animal in the attic, there’s a good chance that you’ll have flies in the attic too. 

You Find Their Nest

A nest in your attic is a sure sign that an animal is in, or has been in your attic. If you have a lot of stuff stored in your attic, you’re almost inviting them in. Animals will use almost anything to make a nest from or in, but typically they like these materials the most:

  • Sticks
  • Fiberglass
  • Leaves
  • Insulation
  • Paper
  • Old Clothes or Blankets
  • Easy Access

If you see a large hole anywhere around the outside of your attic, it’s likely an animal chewed through the wood or plaster to get inside. Make sure that the animal is removed from your home before you close the entry hole or you end up with even more holes leading to your attic.

Side Note: A Word About Termites

If you hear a faint scratching noise at any time of the day and it sounds like it’s coming from the rafters or your wall, then it could be that you have termites as opposed to animals living in your attic.

It takes a skilled exterminator to tell the difference between termites and animals.

Advanced Pest Control Of Alabama Can Get Animals Out Of Your Attic

Animals in your attic can create all kinds of problems for you. Whether you’ve found evidence of unwanted guests, or you think there’s a chance you have an animal in your attic, you need to contact us.

Removing animals can be a tricky, and sometimes dangerous process. We will make sure that all the animals are removed from your attic properly.

Contact us by calling us or by filling out our contact form.  We’ll do our best to help schedule a time to remove your home of any unwanted guests (not your in-laws).