Dealing With Invading Ants

Did you know that there are more than 10 quadrillion ants on the earth? And while small in size, an army of this size could wreak havoc on humanity as we know it. Of course, we don’t expect all the ants to combine for a targeted attack, but that’s a lot of ants. Invading ants can feel like that in your home, even if only in the hundreds or thousands!

An ant infestation can be infuriating to deal with for a homeowner. You may have tried to spray and use ant baits to no avail. Trying to pinpoint where the tiny invaders are coming from can be an even more frustrating issue. You want to destroy the ant-bed where they are originating; the problem is you can’t find it anywhere. Don’t be too frustrated with yourself; it takes a professional with the training and experience to rid your home of invasive ants. Let’s take a closer look at these insects and how professional pest control deals with invading ants.

What Kind Of Ants Invade A Home

From carpenter ants to fire ants and every type of ant in-between can invade your home. There are upwards of ten quadrillion ants on the face of the earth, and all of them have one thing in common, they are scavengers. Like the cavemen of our past, they leave their home in search of food, and that often leads them to your home.

It depends on what type of ant invades your home as to how urgent the need to be rid of them is going to be. Obviously, biting fire ants are going to need to be exterminated faster than sugar ants, but neither should be in your home.

How Can I Deal With Invading Ants Until Pest Control Arrives?

The first thing you want to do is to find the ant’s food sources that you can control. An open bag of sugar, pastries on a dish, old soda cans put aside for recycling without being rinsed out; these are among the many things for which ants will find their way in your house. Ants are actually a natural clean-up crew that keep us from being exposed to bacteria and disease that will make humans sick. The issue is there is nothing like that in your house, and the ants just won’t leave. So, if you want to reduce the ants, be sure all your food, especially sweets and sugar, are tightly sealed so the ants can’t get to them.

How Does A Pest Control Professional Get Rid Of Invading Ants?

You may expect pest control professionals to come in with a tank of pesticide strapped to on their backs, but the truth is when it comes to ants, no spraying is done. A pest control professional will put out ant baits in locations where ants come in your home the most. These baits are irresistible to ants, and they will take the bait in small increments back to the nest where it will eventually be eaten by the queen. When the queen dies, the ant-bed dies. The idea is to kill ants that are invisible to you so you can get rid of the visible ones.

Don’t worry if you still see ants for a few days after the bait has been put out, it can take time for the bait to do its job, but rest assured its working even if it’s at a slow pace. In a few days, you will notice no more ants are invading your house!

Get Rid Of Invading Ants

If you have invading ants in your home, let Advanced Pest Control of Alabama get rid of them for you. Call us or fill out our simple contact us form to schedule a pest control appointment. We will discuss your needs, go over our thorough process for pest removal, and discuss preventative maintenance options too.

Don’t suffer with invading ants any longer!