Can Pests Carry COVID-19?

Can Pests Carry COVID-19? According to several medical sources including Dr. Lee Biggs, the Chief Medical Officer of Trident Medical Center and Dr. David Aronoff, Director of Infectious Diseases of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, pests such as mosquitoes do not transmit COVID-19. However, new information is still being discovered each [...]

The Best Form Of Pest Control

The Best Form Of Pest Control Billions are spent each year on pest control solutions with many solutions coming up short. Far too often, consumers try to use common, over-the-counter solutions that are temporary at best. Keeping pests away requires active prevention methods combined with treatment plans that are designed [...]

The Pests You Will See In The Fall

The Pests You Will See In The Fall For many, the changing of seasons from summer to fall is welcome. The warm air becomes a little cooler, the leaves start to change color, the nights are more enjoyable… And new pests arrive! Knowing the pests that will show up in [...]