3 Tips To Control Pests During The Summer

The beaches are full, the grills are in full force, everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather and getting those “picture perfect tans”.

Absolutely nothing could ruin this summer for you, right?


Pesky pests like the warm weather too.

And they were just waiting for everything to warm up, just like you, so they could come out and play.

Mosquitoes, ants, flies, spiders, roaches, mice, rats, possums …

Unfortunately, these pests can really wreak havoc on your home, your yard, and your plans.

Briefly, we are going to give you three tips to help keep the pests away.


1. Clean Up Your House

Your first line of defense in keeping pests away is to keep your house clean.

We tend to leave dirty dishes, full of water, in the sink – stop doing this.

Next, do not leave dirty dishes and/or leftovers lying around.

Store your fruits and vegetables properly, doing your best to avoid leaving them out for extended periods of time.

Do your best to throw your trash out on a regular schedule.

Clean your trash cans from time to time.

Pests love stagnant water, dirty plates, leftover foods and drinks, rotting fruit and vegetables, stacked up trash, and dirty trans cans.

Pick up all of the dirty socks and sweaty underwear.

Make sure to vacuum the carpets and mop the solid floors.

Wipe down all hard surfaces with a cleaner/disinfectant.

Make sure the pests have nothing to desire and they should stay out.


2. Clean Up Your Yard

The next step in keeping your home pest-free is to clean up your yard.

Look at your yard and see if you have any standing water.

If you do, find out what is causing it and remove/fix the issue.

Next, make sure that your trash cans are not bulging over or sitting close to your home.

The further you can get the garbage cans from your home, the better off you will be.

Do not leave leftovers and food that can rot in your trash can for a long time, the pests will swarm to them.

Make sure that you cut back on any overgrowth (i.e. grass, bushes, trees) to cut back on homes for your unwelcome guests.

And finally, make sure that you do not stack wood close to your home.

Again, you want to make your yard as uninviting as possible for pests.


3. Call A Pest Control Company

After you have done your part, then you need to call a pest control company.

While you can do everything “right”, there are still some pests that will make themselves at home no matter what.

A pest control company can inspect your home, look for points of entry, places where pests may be hiding, and even make recommendations.

Plus, they can apply chemical treatments and incorporate other techniques to keep pests from coming into your home (and yard).

While you can do a lot to keep your home pest-free, there are times when it is best to call a professional.

If you live in Alabama, you can call Advanced Pest Control for a free estimate.

Not only can they help you with your home, but they can also help with commercial and/or industrial applications too.

If you have pests, follow these steps and your uninvited guests will get the hint!