10 Things You Need to Know About Cockroaches to Beat Them

There are perhaps a million things one could say about cockroaches because these indefatigable creatures are so good at survival and nagging. They are not only disease vectors but also some of the most unseemly creatures ever to see in the home or any other place for that matter.

It has long been speculated that in case of a nuclear apocalypse, cockroaches would be one of the few microorganisms that would still inhabit the face of the earth. It’s hard to tell if this were really true, but one thing is for sure, these vermin are some of the most formidable and perhaps the best survivors on the planet being some of the oldest, perhaps the longest surviving organisms that just refuse to go extinct regardless of the catastrophic events that earth has suffered for over 200 million years now. They have evolved obviously which makes modern cockroach that much more a worthy opponent and not an easy pest to beat.

Show those cockroaches who’s boss!

Here are some of the must-know secrets that every professional exterminator in Daphne, Alabama uses in order to beat the cockroach infestation situation proper and square.

  1. There are thousands of species of cockroaches but only about thirty of these are household pests.
  2. A cockroach will live for up to a few weeks with its head cut off! No, you cannot kill these vermin with a guillotine!
  3. They may not see very well but they respond very quickly to shifts in air currents. Explains why it’s so hard to stamp on one of these, save for the fat monstrous ones.
  4. Cockroach loves its cloak of darkness. Yes, they are nocturnal creatures and if you see one during the day then, its time you acted!
  5. A cockroach will eat anything including a dead pal of its own species. This works out to your benefit if you decide to use bait motels.
  6. Roaches love their old paperwork. Ever wondered what is so attractive to the cockroach in the office environment?
  7. A cockroach will eat just about anything, so don’t leave them bread cramps too, they literary live to eat and die to be eaten.
  8. Cockroaches hate good hygiene. Cleaning all surfaces of your kitchen will certainly reduce their population.
  9. They can survive in a refrigerator too, mind you, not all parts of your fridge are cold.
  10. They’re good hiders, too. They prefer cracks and crannies, so don’t kill just the ones you can see.

Always remember…

Get Rid of Cockroaches in Alabama

In short, one can write a bible on the cockroach but with these few tips, you should be able to deal with a minor infestation problem at home. The thing is, a cockroach situation is one of the most embarrassing ones you can have whether at your five star restaurant, hotel, supermarket or even while entertaining guest at home.

Even when you are unsure whether or not it is time to call in professional help, then you probably should because cockroach can that hard to spot and so when you see one, then there is a whole colony of them somewhere and no amount of wishing them away will rid of them.

Instead, when you see just the one, you need to take action, pick up the phone and call in a reliable cockroach control service near you. Why wait until you have a full blown infestation? Act now and safeguard your hygiene and good health, yours and that of those dearest to you!