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Advanced Pest Control Madison AL pest control customers can get one-time pest control treatment for that random wasp’s nest or a general service pest control package for year-round protection. We can treat your residential, commercial or industrial property for termites and other pests. Advanced Pest Control Madison AL is your pest control resource for all things pest-related in Madison, Alabama. Read our pest control reviews!

Offering pest control services for:

  • Mice and Rats
  • Spiders
  • Mosquitoes
  • Termites
  • Roaches
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Ants
  • Fleas
  • Bed Bugs

Looking for Pest Control in Madison AL?

Unwanted guests in your home are a nuisance and not only do they destroy your valuable property but also pose health risks. Mice, ants, bats, fleas, moths, flies, lice, cockroaches are all but a few of the unwanted guests in a home. We all can’t wait to be rid of these trouble makers but it is important to consider what conditions favored their unwelcome stay in the first place.

What Invites Pests Into My Madison AL Home?

For every vermin out there different conditions are conducive to their survival and population growth. However it is safe to say that all of these require water for survival and if they can find it easily around the house the will tend to hang around. It’s a good idea to not leave your pet’s water outside overnight, and empty anything that holds water like kid pools, garbage cans, old tires, or anything else that can hold stagnant water.

Untidiness and clutter in the storage and living space will most certainly provide the ideal hiding and breeding grounds for pests as well as a constant supply of feed from spilled foods and drinks.

Maintaining a clean home will certainly help prevent the infestation of your home by most of the above. It is important to note however that ants, unlike the rest, will only be discouraged by wood treatment.

Getting Rid of the Vermin

There are several options to choose from, depending on the severity of the problem. If the above preventive measures are applied well there is no need to try the two remaining solutions which are applying a pesticide and calling for professional fumigation help respectively.

Pesticides come with different toxicities and application methods. It is advisable to start by applying a mild pesticide like insecticidal soaps and dust. These kill soft skinned insects like lice and fleas on contact but are mild on human skin. However these are still harmful if swallowed and are thus to be used with caution; away from foods, utensils and the reach of children.

More volatile poisons may be used but extra caution as they are dangerous. Some of these irritate when they come into contact with the skin and are highly toxic when ingested. Food laced with poison may be used to set a trap for the vermin. In that case all foods, utensils and such should be kept locked away and covered well to avoid contamination.

Is it Time to Call It In?

It is important to know when to call for help. Even though the DIY solutions night be effective in eliminating the pests you can see, it is always safer and cheaper to call in a professional fumigation service to take care of the problem once and for all.

Our crew will know exactly where to look and what treatments work best to avoid re-infestation. Perhaps it is high time to call it in and let Advanced Pest Control Madison AL experts within your area help you take back your home!

Advanced Pest Control Madison AL – we take care of all of your pests including mice, rats, spiders, mosquitoes, termites, roaches, yellow jackets, ants, fleas, and bed bugs. Call Advanced Pest Control Madison AL for all of your Madison AL Pest control products and services.

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